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Fine Art Classes

Fine Art Drawing & Painting:

Classes for ages 4 to Adult. Enjoy individualized instruction within classes of 6 students or less.  Choose your own subject matter and select from various mediums including charcoal, pastels, watercolors, oils and much more. Beginners through advanced welcome! more

Computer Graphics Classes

Computer Graphics:

Classes for ages 4 to Adult.  Release your creativity within classes of 10 students or less.   Learn how to use the computer for everything from photo touch-up to illustrations, comics, logos and advertisements.  The possibilities are endless! more

Crafts Classes

Crafts, Parent & Me:

Currently ages 2 to 4, with or without a parent.  When people think of crafts, they may think of simple activities just to occupy children. We believe crafts should be fun yet educational, releasing your child's ability to experiment with colors, shapes and textures. Each little creator’s touch produces a unique work of art! more



Classes for ages 4 to Adult.  Our workshops are intensive courses on many subjects such as printmaking, sculpture, hands-on art appreciation, cartooning, painting, airbrushing, and more. We encourage students to add their own creative touch to each project.  Join us to explore the exciting world of art today! more

Art on Wheels is a community service of CREATOR'Stouch, an art and computer instruction facility based in La Verne. Our caring instructors will come to your facility during or after school hours to bring students a high quality art experience. Whether you are looking to expand your art offerings or begin a new program, we would be honored to help educate your students. more

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